GENESIS MEMBERS – what to do during a medical emergency in lockdown

medical emergency

During the extended lockdown in South Africa, Genesis Medical Scheme is operating with reduced staff numbers on two shifts.

Although our switchboard is not open, all areas of our business are operational.

Members and providers are encouraged to engage with us via email (  Alternatively, members can send us a message directly from the Member Enquiries form on our website ( Currently all queries are responded to and / or addressed within 24 hours during weekdays.

What to do during an emergency

In the event of any emergency and when you cannot wait for the Scheme to respond to an email / website query, please go straight to the hospital. All private hospitals in South Africa will accept your electronic membership card on your Genesis smartphone app.  You can also contact our emergency evacuation provider, ER24 on 0861 43 63 74 for assistance. Remember that you can dial ER24 directly from your smartphone app.

Keep us informed

Should you or one of your dependants be admitted to the hospital, Genesis must be notified via email on the first working day following such admission to the hospital. Remember that in an emergency you must seek admission to the closest hospital, be it public or private. We encourage all our members not to have any elective (non-emergency) procedures done during this extended lockdown period.

We do apologise for any inconvenience caused during this very trying time in the history of our nation.

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