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Genesis Medical Scheme is looking to appoint a suitably qualified nursing sister to assist in the management of oncology related treatment for their members

The candidate must have at least 2 years’ experience in oncology within the medical scheme’s environment with a sound knowledge of current oncology protocols.

The candidate must have a superior ability, to express themselves verbally and in writing.


Management of all oncology related applications for Scheme funding including:

  • Receipt and assessment of all motivations for oncology treatment (chemo- and radio-therapy) in accordance with the Scheme Rules and current protocols.
  • Assessment of applications and motivations for oncology related radiology and pathology tests.
  • Telephonic and written interaction with the Scheme’s oncology advisers regarding all treatment that falls outside the current Scheme protocols.
  • Telephonic and written interaction with all providers of oncology services.
  • Telephonic and written interaction with members regarding all oncology matters.
  • Resolution of all queries related to the funding of oncology treatments.

Kindly forward applications to vacancies@genesismedical.co.za by Monday 30th January 2023.

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