Genesis Medical Scheme Launches Smartphone App

genesis medical smartphone app

Genesis Medical Scheme has once again been at the forefront of putting its members in control of their medical aid benefits and affairs.

The Scheme has recently launched new smartphone app for members.

Technology to improve member service

This innovative solution utilises the power of technology to improve members’ overall experience.   Members are often hesitant to initiate contact with their medical scheme.  In addition, they may postpone such interaction, either because of being put on hold for long periods of time, or the unavailability of call centres after hours.

It is for this reason that Genesis is exceptionally proud to launch our new smartphone app for members.  It is an easy and convenient tool that members can use to stay in touch and up to date.  They can manage their most important medical aid information from the palm of their hand, 24/7”, says Brian Watson, an Executive at Genesis Medical Scheme.  “By having access to real-time assistance, our members can now better manage their time and have increased access to their healthcare information.  Being able to instantly check your savings balance and benefits, or phoning ER24 directly from our app are just some of the features that will add tremendous value to members”, says Watson.

Electronic membership card

The Genesis app can be used by members, as well as all their registered dependants.  One of the amazing features of the app is an electronic membership card.  With one less physical card to carry around, members can now simply email or display their electronic membership card to service providers.  The electronic membership card is accepted by the four major private hospital groups (MEDICLINIC, NETCARE, NATIONAL HOSPITAL NETWORK and LIFE Health Care) in South Africa.  It is also accepted by the majority of pharmacies and other service providers.

Smartphone app features

Other features available on the smartphone app, include the following:

  • Members can verify their membership details;
  • Members can check their medical savings balance, as well as the full spectrum of their personal benefits;
  • Members and dependants can contact the Scheme via phone or email;
  • Members and dependants can call ER24’s 24/7 medical helpline or emergency services;
  • Members can view the status of their current claims;
  • Members and dependants can verify the requirements needed for a hospital admission reference number;
  • Members and dependants can have their most frequently asked questions (FAQs) answered;  and
  • Members and dependants can visit all our social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest.

What members say

The Genesis smartphone app has been the cherry on the cake of the Scheme’s ever-present drive to continuously evolve their members’ overall service experience.  I remember how, many years ago, I burst into tears one night during an emergency situation when I had to complete an endless amount of forms.  I could simply not understand why my medical aid card could not contain all the necessary information the hospital was looking for. Now, with the new Genesis smartphone app, I have my electronic membership card on my phone and all the information I need is available at the click of a button”, says Esmé Coetzee, Financial Director of HI-TEC.

According to Esmé, she uses her Genesis app all the time.  Esme says, “I went to the doctor the other day and could use my app to check my benefits.  I could also find out how to go about in obtaining a hospital admission reference number.  Well done for keeping up with the times, Genesis!”

“At Genesis we have always proud ourselves in our personal and customised service to our members.  In our drive to keep things as simple and accessible as possible for our members, we now deliver an even smarter approach with our new smartphone app for members”, concludes Watson.

For more information about the Genesis Medical Scheme smartphone app, visit our website at, or contact us on 0860 10 20 10.

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