Best hospital plan in South Africa

best hospital plan

Earlier this year, we reported on the medical aid benchmarking conducted by Towers Watson, a leading international professional services company.

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This survey found that all benefit options of Genesis Medical Scheme offer exceptional value for money in its respective segments.

In particular, our Private Choice (hospital plan) and Private Comprehensive (full cover medical aid) benefit options were found to be absolute market leaders in its respective segments.

In yet another recent medical aid survey from GTC Healthcare Consulting, which was aimed at providing this leading financial services firm’s clients with advice and suggestions on which medical aid offers the best medical aid benefits options and value for money for their employees, our Private Choice hospital plan once again came out tops in the category for hospital plans, where members have freedom of choice in their selection of private hospitals and doctors or specialists (no networks).  Our Private Choice benefit option rated first out of 17 equivalent hospital plans in South Africa.

The 2015 GTC Medical Aid Survey included a detailed analysis of all open medical aid plans in South Africa.

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These outstanding benchmarking results for 2015 once again demonstrate that the benefits of self-administration, prudent risk management and having sufficient reserves, are critical components for a medical scheme in containing healthcare costs, benefit structure and overall value for money.

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