Medical aid membership application made easy with on-line application

genesis medical membership application

Genesis is one of only a handful of medical schemes that offer prospective new members the facility to complete a user-friendly online application.

You don’t need a broker to join Genesis

With the ease of access to the internet and an increasing trend of individuals joining medical schemes directly without the assistance of a broker, the easy 3-step application process offers applicants the opportunity to seamlessly apply for membership at any time of the day.

Seamless application process

It should take approximately 10 minutes to complete the application process.  Applicants can however stop the process at any time, store (“save”) the application and then pick up at a later stage from where they left off.  Alternatively, applicants can select the option for one of Genesis’ Consultants to give them a call back for any assistance that may be needed.

Support and assistance

Further to this magnificent application tool, Genesis also encourages potential members to experience our service at a very personal level, as the Scheme offers a live support and chat function during business hours that can be used during the on-line application process.  This real-time assistance is a great help for new members battling to understand fully any particular question.

When joining a medical scheme, especially if it is for the first time, some people often have really important questions to ask.  These questions are generally about affordability and costs, specific benefits, waiting periods, dental benefits, etc.  People who engage with us via this chat facility are usually astounded by the real-time and efficient service that they receive in answer to their questions that may range from enquiries about payment options to complex issues around medical aid cover.

How the application process works

Once the online application has been completed, a copy of the application form will automatically be emailed to the applicant as a pdf document.  The Genesis New Business Department will thereafter contact the applicant either to confirm the acceptance and start date of the membership application or to communicate the need for any additional/outstanding information or underwriting criteria.

Join now

Anyone wanting to join a great medical scheme can visit our website at or click directly on this link to complete the on-line application.

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