Electronic Membership Card

All members are encouraged to use their electronic membership card that is available on the Genesis Smartphone App. The electronic membership card displays the following information relevant to their Genesis Medical Scheme membership:

For your record keeping purposes, or upon admission to hospital, the electronic membership card may be emailed to your Admissions Department, provided that the member has data or is on Wifi.  Alternatively, a photocopy of the electronic membership card can also be made by placing the member’s smartphone directly on a photocopy machine (do not close the lid).  The required copy can then be printed and filed (together with a copy of the member’s ID book) with your other records pertaining to your patient or e-filing system.

In addition, please note that, unless in the event of an emergency, all Genesis members have to obtain a hospital admission reference number for planned procedures, three days prior to the admission.  In the event of an emergency, the member / hospital must contact the Scheme on the first business day following such admission, at which point membership can also be confirmed and the necessary hospital admission number be obtained.

genesis membership card
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