Good-2-Know for 2019

genesis members good to know for 2019

Let’s kick off our good2know@genesis series this year on a positive note.

We would like to remind you of some of the profound reasons why your membership with Genesis is one of your greatest assets.

We lead

The 2018 annual GTC Medical Aid Survey rated Genesis as one of the most successful medical schemes in South Africa, as measured by solvency, net healthcare results, average age of our beneficiaries, membership size and growth, as well as compliments and complaints.

2019 Contribution increase

With an average contribution increase of only 5.5% for 2019, which is the lowest of all open medical schemes for the 7th consecutive year, Genesis members continue to save on below-inflation contribution increases.

The luxury to choose

All our members have the luxury to choose their preferred hospital, doctor or medical specialist, along with a choice of funding model.  Members are not forced to seek treatment in network hospitals, nor are they required to make use of network medical practitioners.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the funding of PMBs, Scheme exclusions, applicable benefit limits, etc.

Basic dentistry benefits

Don’t forget about the excellent financial cover all our members enjoy for basic dentistry.  Cover includes oral examinations, tooth extractions, root canal treatment, fillings, X-rays, the surgical removal of bony impacted wisdom teeth and cover towards the cost of crowns, bridges or dentures.

No wasteful expenses

Last week, the medical scheme industry again came under fire in the media about extravagant expenses which are included in members’ contributions.  Whilst we cannot account for the way in which other medical schemes conduct their business, we would like to emphasise the fact that the cautious way in which we conduct our business affairs and our prudent risk management, coupled with the fact that we are one of only a few medical schemes that are self-administered, are key to the way in which we have always managed our business and, ultimately, maintaining the lowest contribution increases.  You may find the following facts, as published in the recent CMS Annual Report 2017 / 2018, of interest.  Out of 21 open medical schemes in South Africa, Genesis:

  • Had the lowest member fees for broker costs, marketing fees and advertising expenses;
  • Paid the 7th lowest fees to external auditors;
  • Executive fees were less than 50% of the industry average; and
  • Had no wasteful executive expenses relating to travelling expenses, lavish function venues or driving expensive cars.

Smartphone app and electronic membership card

Your Genesis smartphone app gives you and your entire family 24/7 access to your electronic membership card and other important information.  Make sure you download your app and that you refresh it regularly in order to have access to your latest claims and other information, as well as updating your membership status on the back of your membership card.

It’s all about you

Our core focus is your well-being, your healthcare, your peace of mind and delivering exceptional service to you.  If you think we are not living up to this standard, then please call us on 0860 10 20 10 or email us at

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