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Best and worst medical aid schemes in SA – with prices

Ever wondered about the best and the worst medical aid schemes in South Africa?

Choosing the right medical aid scheme for you and your family is no easy task, as you are buying insurance cover for the unknown, perhaps unexpected mishaps in your life.

Affordability, in relation to specific healthcare needs and access to medical facilities, is important factors to consider when choosing a medical aid scheme.

BusinessTech recently shared an interesting article on the “Best and worst medical schemes in South Africa – with prices”.  Here is the article:

Best and worst medical schemes in South Africa – with prices

With Discovery Health announcing an average increase in premiums of 10.2% in 2017, it is bound to force many South Africans to look more closely at their medical aid cover.

Discovery Health claims a 54% share of South Africa’s medical aid market, with close on three million customers.

On Wednesday, the company announced that it will be increasing its premiums by between 7.8% and 14.9% across its various schemes from January 2017. The average increase of 10.2% is significantly higher than the 8.6% increase in 2016, and much higher than the CPI forecast of 6.8%.

According to Discovery, the increase is due to a larger number of claims in 2016 than in previous years. Global Credit Ratings has warned that other medical aids will likely follow suit with similar increases.

Other medical aids are expected to announce their price hikes in the coming weeks – with some planning hikes even larger than Discovery’s.

Comparing medical aid schemes is notoriously difficult, as each medical aid provider has a wide array of options, each with its own benefits, terms and limits, making like-on-like comparisons near impossible.

However, one area which speaks to consumers is price, and comparison data drawn up by medical aid brokers, Informed Healthcare Solutions, does an excellent job breaking down medical aid options from major providers, across five main categories.

For a full breakdown of medical aid schemes by each provider, and each category, as well as a detailed comparison of the services you are offered, check out the listings at

These are the cheapest and most affordable medical aid schemes from 7 insurers, across all 5 categories in South Africa: hospital plans, hospital plans with savings, day-to-day cover, GP networks plans, and comprehensive coverage.

For more comparisons, including other medical aids, which take into account full year costs, factoring in macro and micro comparisons of each scheme, check out our previous coverage of the GTC Medical Aid Survey for 2016.

Note: the prices below refer to 2016 prices, and relate to the cost of the principle member only. Other costs for dependents are listed in the full breakdown.

Hospital Plans

Hospital plans cover hospital services used when admitted, typically including anesthetist and surgeon fees. According to IHS, hospitals usually have agreed rates with medical aids, with bills being paid in full.


Scheme Cost for principle member
Discovery Health   Keycare Core R665   – R1 281
Genesis Private   Choice R950
Momentum Custom   Option 1 R1   152
FedHealth Entryzone R1   179
Discovery Health   Essential Delta Core R1   190
Discovery Health   Coastal Core R1   302
Bonitas   BonEssential R1   316
Resolution Health   Hospital Plan R1   375
Discovery Health   Smart Plan R1   397
Genesis Private R1   420
MediHelp Dimension   Prime 1 R1   452
Discovery Health   Essential Core R1   499
Momentum Custom   Option 2 R1   557
FedHealth Maxima   Core R1   695
Discovery Health   Classic Core R1   745


Hospital Plan with Savings

These plans are the same as the above, but provide members with a limited savings account for day-to-day use.


Scheme Cost for principle member
MediHelp Unify R1   752
Genesis Private   Plus R1   800
Discovery Health   Essential Saver R1   862
Discovery Health   Coastal Saver R1   862
Discovery Health   Classic Delta Saver R1   872
Bonitas BonSave R1   908
MediHelp Dimension   Prime 2 R1   926
MedShield MediSaver R2   343
Discovery Health   Classic Saver R2   344
FedHealth Maxima   Standard R2   693
Momentum Extender Option   1 R3   303
Resolution Health   Millenium R3   592
Momentum Extender   Option 2 R4   061


Hospital Plans with Day to Day Cover

These plans are the same as the above, but typically come with annual limits for day-to-day use, which fall away and are renewed at the end of each year.


Scheme Cost for principle member
MedShield MediValue R1   392
Momentum Incentive   Option R1   524
Momentum Access   Option R1   693
Bonitas Primary R1   719
Resolution Health   Progressive Flex R1   910
FedHealth Maxima   Basis R2   223
Momentum Incentive   Option R2   228
MedShield MediPlus R2   325
FedHealth Maxima   Standard R2   693
Bonitas Standard R2   683


GP Network Plan

These plans are typically designed for younger members entering the market for the first time, IHS said. Medical aids work with specific doctors frequented by members. The scheme prices vary depending on income.


Scheme Cost for principle member
MediHelp Necce   (Full-time students) R396
Momentum Ingwe   Option (State network) R510   – R1 138
Discovery Health   Keycare Access R586   – R1 695
Momentum Ingwe   Option (Ingwe network) R638   – R1 133
Momentum Ingwe   Option (Any) R829   – R2 029
Discovery Health   Keycare Plus R832   – R 1 734
MediHelp Necce R1   266 – R1 740


Comprehensive Medical Aid

These are the top-tier schemes that typically have unlimited hospital cover, and comprehensive day-to-day benefits.


Scheme Cost for principle member
Genesis Private   Comprehensive R2   175
FedHealth Maxima   Standard R2   693
Discovery Health   Classic Priority R2   700
Momentum Extender   Option 1 R3   303
Resolution Health   Millenium R3   592
FedHealth Maxima   Executive R3   639
Discovery Health   Classic Delta Comprehensive R3   626
Resolution Health   Supreme R3   907
Discovery Health   Classic Comprehensive R4   026
Momentum Extender   Option 2 R4   061