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Best medical schemes in SA

The 10 best to worst medical aids by complaints needs no introduction.

Generally speaking, members of medical schemes are happy when their claims are settled in line with their expectations and the only time they contact their scheme, is to obtain a tax certificate or to update personal details.

From time to time, however, members find themselves in the dire situation where bills are not paid – either partially or in full. And then they complain. Loudly and publicly. Complaints fly around on social media and some make their way to Hellopeter.

We found this interesting article on the 10 best to worst medical aids by complaints (as per a survey done on Hellopeter complaints) on and share an extract from the article below (author unknown):

The 10 best to worst medical aids by complaints

Medical aid companies receive many complaints.
Often this stems from a lack of understanding of how the plan works.
Many people do not read the fine print until there is a dispute. The best bet is to study or have an independent broker explain the details of the plan to you.
That being said, there are defiantly some medical aid companies that offer better service than others.
Hellopeter is one of the most popular service barometers in South Africa. No system is perfect and there are some complaints that are unreasonable but it does provide an average. The site has been around for many years and they provide one of the better systems of comparing companies.
In their review of medical aid companies, they looked at 31 medical aid companies and only included those with 10 or more reviews.
From best to worst, out of the companies the reviewed, these were their findings:

  1. Genesis Medical Scheme
  2. CompCare Wellness Medical Scheme
  3. Netcare Medical Scheme
  4. TopMed Medical Scheme
  5. Camaf
  6. Universal Healthcare Administrators
  7. Momentum Health
  8. Discovery Health
  9. Fedhealth Medical Scheme
  10. Polmed

For more insight into these findings, you can visit them on and search by company or the medical aid industry.

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