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What does “100% of Medical Aid Rate” mean?

Important: keep your electronic membership card updated

Members are reminded to refresh their smartphone app on a regular basis*.  Not only does it display vital information about your current membership status, but it also contains the following very important information about your Genesis Medical Scheme membership:

  • Main member name & surname
  • Join date
  • Member number
  • Benefit date
  • ID number
  • List of dependants (including dependant number, name & surname, date of birth and benefit date)
  • Hospital admissions contact number

Although all the major private hospital groups (MEDICLINIC, NETCARE, NATIONAL HOSPITAL NETWORK and LIFE Health Care) in South Africa accept electronic membership cards, they may turn you away in the event of an emergency, or even for a planned hospital admission, if the membership status on your electronic membership card is outdated.  If active membership cannot be confirmed with the Scheme during office hours, certain private hospitals may even require an upfront deposit from you prior to admission.

Your electronic card will always display the current status of your membership, e.g. “ACTIVE until” or “SUSPENDED”. As contributions are paid in advance, the “ACTIVE until” status of your membership will always be displayed as a future date, dated the 4th of the following month

Your electronic membership card can be emailed from your smartphone to a service provider for their record keeping or admission purposes. Alternatively, a photocopy of the electronic membership card can also be made by placing your smartphone directly on a photocopy machine (do not close the lid).

The electronic membership card is one of many handy features that are included in the Genesis smartphone app for members.  The app is a free, personalised and convenient tool that both you and your dependants can use to manage important medical aid information, contact ER24 in an emergency, check your medical aid benefits,   view the status of your recent claims and also to contact the Scheme directly for general enquiries, hospital admissions, contribution enquiries and many more.

*    You can refresh your app by tapping on the half circle in the top right corner of your app, or you can simply login again.

If you have any questions about your electronic membership card or smartphone app, please email us at

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